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Gallery 1: Our "Fearless Leaders"
It's not really mud-slinging...
We're just shining a light on the mud that's already there.

Not so fast, Mojo Georgo!-Mr. Bush: Who's your NEW favorite philosopher?-All ready to make up that year of National Guard Duty?

Walking humbly yet, George?-Bush's pink slip-Bush vs. Bush on the issues

Don't get fooled again-10, 000,000 people is a focus group?-Rumsfeld and Hussein

Osama Bin Laden: Has Bush failed or forgotten?-Cheney: Momm! He scares me!-Enron/Halliburton '04

Who really landed the plane?-GWB does not equal USA-I'm not a president, but I play one on T.V.

-Bad C.E.O.--No tax cut!-

Green army men--Stop Bush's "Enron Style" Foreign Policy---Bush's war on terrorism-Tell me again how it's not about oil

As high as an elephant's eye Drunk with power


Gallery 2: Collateral Damage
Enough with the euphemisms already!

Compassionate conservatism in action-4000 "Liberated" ...and counting...

Gallery 3: Peace and Oneness
There are only borders where we make them.

mommy and i are one-Einstein universe quote-We belong to each other

Gallery 4: Question Authority
If you can... While you can.

-Nothing is more American than questioning our leaders-

Support our troops--ask the questions they can't!-Support our troops--bring them home alive!-Support our troops--elect a NEW commander in chief!

Hey Ashcroft! Hands off our Bill of RIghts!-Free the Press-Vive la liberte!


-I Wand You start asking Bush questions-Take Back America '04

Gallery 5: Going to a Rally?
...posters they can read from a moving car.

Why are we still protesting? 'cause now he says Iraq was just a BATTLE--Where did the world sympathy go? The same place as the surplus?--Veterans benefits--Peace and Prosperity vs. War and Recession: You Decide

--GWB: Robin Hood in Reverse--W stands for War--The world we create is the one our children will have to live in

The Mother of All Bombs? Bush's foreign policy----America was founded by liberals-

--Our flag should stand for pride--no arrogance

Gallery 6: Question W
...GEORGIE! You got a lot of 'splainin to do!

Question W: Why seal your records?--Question W: What about "FuneralGate"?

Question W: Where's Osama?-Question W-Question W: Where's the WMD?

Click here to learn more about the "Question W" movement.

Gallery 7: Support Our Troops
Our sons and daughters in uniform deserve better than Bush!




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