In January of 2002, an ordinary pretzel was able to knock George W. Bush unconscious. In November of 2004, the Peace Pretzel wants to knock him all the way out of Washington D.C.

This site is not about hating Bush, it’s about loving America and believing that this country deserves better. George would do better to go back to Texas too. We’re sure his dad’s friends could set him up with a nice, respectable job that is more suited to his abilities and where there is less risk of him breaking important stuff (you know, like the environment, the Bill of Rights, the bodies of civilians abroad…)

And because we love the United States, we want to help turn it back into a country we can really be proud of. We want our flag to stand for liberty, diversity, and opportunity, and not global domination. We want other nations to admire us, not fear us.

As parents, we don’t want to be confronted with the hypocrisy of trying to teach our children the importance of respect, cooperation, and compassion, while thinking to ourselves “…but if you get rich and powerful enough, you won’t have to bother with those things.” And we want to be able to tell them that when things got bad, we didn’t just grumble about it, but we fought to make things better.

If you feel the way we do, please join us. Print out these images and post them on community bulletin boards. Share them with your friends. Remember, these posters do not unfairly attack George W. Bush, they just use his own words and actions against him. They shine a light on truths that much of the media has been willing to overlook.

Pundits predict that Bush will be hard to beat in 2004. We believe this would not be the case if more people had access to the truth about this man, and not just his polished, choreographed, big-budget sound bites. At this point we do not know who Bush’s opponent will be in 2004. We believe that our job now is to help that person by making sure they are competing with the real George W. Bush, and not the illusion we have been sold.

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